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Trail: TheMagicCircle


Games | The Magic Circle
5 sessions
Meets Wednesdays 15:00-17:00 (see the Calendar for dates)

This is a seminar/lecture class to discuss issues and techniques of game design in general and any interactive projects you are working on in specific. Every week we will talk, play and discuss. Good for the beginner or advanced student.


  • 11.14 Genres - What are videogame genres and why do they exist? Why don’t certain tropes die?
    Please bring a game that you have played and loved or think is important for some reason. Be prepared to talk about it. Prepare a short presentation of the game just a few minutes so we can all discuss about it.
  • 11.28 On Paper - Board games, Card Games, Pen and Paper games. How are they made? Let’s play some!
    Start gathering your favorite non-digital games now. Bring your games to this session!
  • 12.19 The End - The hardest part is finishing a game. The hardest part is finishing your game.
  • 01.23 AAA - We talk about Independent development but what is the difference really between what happens at a big game company and what you can do on your own? (special guest! (hopefully!))

Past Topics

  • 10.24 VR - Let’s also talk about the history of VR, how to design for it.