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Trail: TheMagicCircle




  • round table discussion topics:
    • Peripherals
    • Game Collectives
  • lectures by Oliver Laric, Magdalena Dadela, Thomas Höhl and others
  • game of the week (?)
  • playtest/film night (?)



  • 10.24 VR - Let’s also talk about the history of VR, how to design for it.
  • 11.14 Genres - What are videogame genres and why do they exist? Why don’t certain tropes die?
    Please bring a game that you have played and loved or think is important for some reason. Be prepared to talk about it. Prepare a short presentation of the game just a few minutes so we can all discuss about it.
  • 11.28 On Paper - Board games, Card Games, Pen and Paper games. How are they made? Let’s play some!
    Start gathering your favorite non-digital games now. Bring your games to this session!
  • 12.19 The End - The hardest part is finishing a game. The hardest part is finishing your game.
  • 01.23 AAA - We talk about Independent development but what is the difference really between what happens at a big game company and what you can do on your own? (special guest! (hopefully!))

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