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Trail: LambdaMoo


TO access in Windows 10, search ‘telnet’ in the control panel and turn it on.

              |            |
           Landing         |
           Site...         |
              |            |
            Field...       |
                         Drive-    Powder                 Guest         UNIV
         Garage<--------/ way       Room                  B'room Lib'ry RSTY  
            |              |         |                       |     |     |
Housekp--Laundry Dining---Entr.--Corridor----Corridor-<d/u>-Corr--Corr--Intr- 
Quarters  Room   Room..   Hall       |           |           |     |    sctn. 
           |        |   /  |  Coat  Gnd.F Walkin |     Lambda's  Guest   | 
         Family--Kitchen   | Closet Stair Closet |         Den    Room  RPG   
          Room      |   \  |   /     |\   /      |                      ...
           |        |    LIVING   Dressing--Master
           |        |     ROOM\     Area   Bedroom
West of---Yard-----Kitchen     \     |     |
Gardens... |        Patio\      \  H.Bath  |
   |     doghouse     |   \      \      \  |
Makeshift           Base   \      \-----Deck--Hot Tub
  Cafe             of Oak   \            |    Deck...
                    Tree     \--------\ Pool
                      |                \Deck...
                  Brambles              /   \
                     ...            Pool   Hedge
                                  Controls  Maze

Connection Information:

	Subject: 	Your LambdaMOO character, Vaarg
	From: 	  2487@lambda.moo.mud.org
	Date: 	2005年4月24日 09:00:00 GMT+02:00
	To: 	  auriea@telenet.be
	Reply-To: 	  registration@lambda.moo.mud.org

Automatic character creation for LambdaMOO:
A character has been created, with name “Vaarg” and password “TobEM”.
Passwords are case sensitive, which means you have to type it exactly as
it appears here, including capital and lowercase letters.
So, to log in, you would type:

  Connect Vaarg TobEM

LambdaMOO is at lambda.moo.mud.org, port 8888.


A tutorial is available through the `@tutorial’ command. LambdaMOO
has an extensive help system. Type `help’ or `help <topic>’ to access
it. Try paging the character HELP if you can’t find what you need in
the help system or tutorial. The wizards are overworked, so try to
avoid asking them directly if someone else might be able to assist.


A programmer’s manual and various other pieces of documentation are
available via ftp from

    ftp.lambda.moo.mud.org, directory /pub/MOO


Keep your password secure; do not let anyone else connect as you.
Remember, you are responsible for what your character does. If you no
longer want your character, do not give it to anyone else. You can
change your password after you connect with the @password command.


If the name you were assigned is not the one you wanted, or you have
changed your mind about the name you want, use the command

    @rename me to newnameto change it. See help @rename for details.


Please note that generally only one character is allowed per person.
If, by some mistake, you’ve requested a character when you already had
one, please inform a wizard. (See `help multiple-characters’ for
details of the full policy.)


Lag, the delay between typing a command and receiving its results, is
an unfortunate feature of LambdaMOO. New users start off using the
“Lag Reduction Feature Object of Godlike Powers” (#26787), which
attempts to minimize their resource use by giving them very simple
versions of the most often used pieces of code. These simple
versions, however, remove the ability to perform sophisticated
operations on the output that is sent to you. For example, much
formatting is lost. One place this may bite you is if need to set
your line lengths and pagelengths explicitly (you may be using raw
telnet). To recover the ability to format your output (and any other
filtering you may wish to do), you will want to turn the lag reduction
feature off. To do this, simply type the command @addlag. For more
information on this feature object, type ‘help #26787’. One last
comment about lag. You should think about lag in the context of the
“Tragedy of the Commons”, where everyone decides that their sheep
should graze in the town square’s park, quickly rendering it useless.


Please read `help manners’ to see the code of conduct expected.

Define external redirect: TobEM