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Trail: HowToExportTexturesFromSubstancePainterAndImportIntoBlender


Step 1

In Blender 2.8 Make sure your model has UVs and that they are taking up as much texture space as they can.

  1. Go into the ‘UVEditing’ tab at the top.
  2. Enter edit mode if you aren’t already and Select All face of the model with the A key.
  3. You should see the UVs on your model in the UV Editor on the left side.
  4. Select all the UVs in that window with the A key.
  5. Use the S key to scale the UV island up.
  6. Export your model as an .OBJ file, Save your blender file someplace.

Step 2

  1. Create your document with File/New and import your model.
  2. Have fun painting in Substance Painter.
  3. Check out this: SubstancePainter page for links to tutorials!
  4. When you are done, File/Export Textures and make sure you copy the texture maps to a folder where you can find them again, such as the folder of your model Blender file.

Step 3

  1. Open the Bender file which contains your model.
  2. make sure you have the Node Wrangler addon enabled.
  3. In the Shading tab, Hovering over the Node editor, press CTRL+T to load the texture files generated by Substance Painter
  4. Blender should make the node tree for you.
  5. Save your file
  6. Send the file to Auriea