Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray
Where the Action Is, The Foundations of Embodied Interaction by Paul Dourish
Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde
Broad Band, The untold story of the Women who made the Internet by Claire L. Evans
Digital Sensation by Ken Hillis
High Techne, Art and Technology from the machine aesthetic to the Posthuman by R.L. Rutsky
Dawn of the New Everything by Jaron Lanier
Works of Game by John Sharp

Homo Ludens by Johann Huizinga
Rules of Play by Eric Zimmerman and Katie Salen
Play Anything and Persuasive Games by Ian Bogost
Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton
Anatomy for 3d Artists
Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse
Values at Play by Mary Flanagan/Nissenbaum.
Game Programming For Artists by Jarryd Huntley and Hanna Brady
Boss Fight books series
The Compleat Strategyst by John Davis Williams
Adrienne Shaw: gaming at the edge
Tynan Sylvester’s “Designing Games: A Guide to Engineering Experiences”
Elias, Garfield & Gutschera’s “Characteristics of Games”
Bernard De Koven’s “The Well-Played Game: A Player’s Philosophy”
A Theory of Fun by @raphkoster
‘Critical Play: Radical Game Design’ by Mary Flanagan
Alexander Galloway, Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture
Clockwork Game Design - Keith Burgun
Game Mechanics - Ernest Adams, Joris Dormans
Designing Virtual Worlds - Richard Bartle
David Perry on Game Design - David Perry, Rusel De Maria
Game Feel - Steve Swink
This Visual Story - Bruce Block
Blood, Sweat and Pixels
James Paul Gee: What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy
Jesper Juul: Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds
Jesper Juul: Art of Failure
Hooked - Nir Eyal
Reality is Broken - Jane McGonigal
The Design of Everyday Things - Donald D. Norman
The Humane Interface - Jef Raskin
Level Up - Scott Rogers
The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses - Jesse Schell
An Architectural Approach to Level Design / Christopher Totten
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes
The Master and his Emissary by Ian Mc Gilchrist
Impro: Improvisation and the Theater by Keith Johnstone
The Dramatica Theory of Story
Emissaries Guide to Worlding by Ian Cheng
Radical Technologies by Adam Greenfield

Magazines and Journals

Edge Magazine
Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds