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Trail: BasisKlasse18-NoodleSoup



All are Asia restaurant employees:

Edith: influencer, dealer
Miek: cook, dealer
Eunice: cook, dealer
Ellis: street musician, dealer

Bot?: police officer

Based on a 8x8 (64) gaming field in a asian noodle restaurant (Asia Restaurant, district 3)


The goal is to deliver the drug package to a specified location on the gaming field, while minding the police which is up to catch the drug dealer.

What they know:

Drug network. The cooks work undercover as they try not to get caught by the police / DEA.


4 or 5 players
2 different roles, you can choose between a police officer and 2 up to 4 drug dealer


No diagonal runs
The drug package can be swapped to each other drug dealer, while they stand on the same field
The diced number shows the number of fields you can move forward, backwards or sidewards
The police has to leave their „safe area“ after their first turn and can’t come back
Only one dealer can carry the package
The starting point of the cops is the finishing point for the drug dealers
aim for the dealer is to get the package of drugs behind the starting line of the cop
aim for the cop is to catch the dealer who got the package
Cop starts dicing
The amounts of eyes on the dice can be collected on the dealer’s account and can be redeemed by any drug dealer in the game. Only drug dealers can take advantage of this
a drug dealer only can get caught if the cop is standing right on his field. For this he has to dice the excact number to reach one of the dealer´s field.
If the dealer dices and got a number where he can go directly on to the same field as the cop, the cop is not able to control the dealer