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Trail: BasisKlasse18-LongWayHome



The game consists of six players who get handed out cards. On five of them there are the characters who want to help Akin (the schoolkid) find the way home. The sixth card only says kidnapper.

Now the players have to ask each other questions in random order (the person that got asked a question last is up to ask a question to someone they choose).
They have to ask the questions in a way they can give hints to the other players while remaining a mystery to the kidnapper. The kidnapper on the other hand needs to act if they were someone else.

An example:

Player 1: How do you like your work?
Player 5: I hate it. Player 2, where in the city do you live?
Player 2: I live pretty close to a dumpster.

Nobody knows the identity of one another. The Goal: Everybody tries to keep their identity hidden while also somehow give away that they are not the kidnapper.

 Jonas		Mensch	        R5		Writer	
 Toni 		Mensch	        R7		Scientist
 Rosa		Humanoid	R7		Securityguard	
 Gini		Mensch	        R7		Insurance Agent
 (Yifan		Humanoid	R-		Schoolkid)	
 Oleksandra	Humanoid	R9		Superstar