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Trail: BasisKlasse18-GetTheMessageThrough


Goal of the game is to get an important message through the revelotionaries. The message has to contain a being, a place and time of a event/happening. Be aware of the assassine, who tries to infiltrate the group.
Make small sheets: a cross (X) for revolotionaries and one A for assassine

Each person pick a sheet.
Now you need a paper and a pen.
One in your group writes down a sentence, which contains a being doing something somewhere. (Example: The cats meet at midnight at the beach)
the person folds the paper, so no one can see the sentence and pass the paper to the person next to him/her. The next person takes a look at the sentence and write the same and fold it again. Only the assassine can change the meaning of the sentence. When the paper is gone through the whole group, the first person read the last sentence loud out.
Now the questioning starts: Each person can ask another person ONE question either about the Place, the Time, the Event or the being. You have to answer truthfully. The goal is to narrow down the identity of the assassin. If the identity cannot be found through the first questioning you have to start a new round. Repeat this process until you have found the assassin. If a person accuses a person for being the assassin and is wrong he is eliminated from the game.
Find the assassin.