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Trail: BasisKlasse18-DrugsNDrugs


ne Kroete, n Hund, n Asexueller, n Sexloser und n haufen Dreck treffen sich in ner Bar.
D’n’d is all about taking drugs – a lot of them.

Each player has a tolerance which he has to reach as closely as possible without overdosing and a special skill to help them in doing so.

The game is over when there are no matches left in the pot.  if there are only two players left: the game ends either when no matches are left or when one of the players reached their limit.
If your character dies from overdosing you and matches are excluded from the game.
2,4,6 take matches
1,3,5 return matches

one die
matches (or other counting material)
piece of paper + pen (to draw characters/ tolerances)

dealer/drug loard: gives matches to other players (Drugtolerance 13)
law enforcement: takes matches from other players (17)
consumer: instead of rolling a die can return two matches (19)
junky: can overdose and return half of his matches one time (21)
shape shifter: can steal another players roll up to three times (15)

Abilities can only used once
total number of matches for 4 players: 50
5 players: 57